Culture Banners

Thanks to culture banners Danish cities are now able to adorn the urban landscape while sustaining their image both to citizens and visitors as dynamic hot-spots buzzing with cultural life.

By using culture banners it is possible to:

• draw attention to cultural events at street level

• use cultural events to brand the city as a lively cultural centre for its citizens, tourists and other guests. This is without cost to anyone and the purpose is to create a powerful image that will enhance the city for many years to come

• draw more people along to cultural events and by so doing attract them to the city which will be of benefit to both organisers and city retailers

What culture banners are

Culture banners are banners that are hung up on selected lamp posts that are standing vacant.

A concept for managing a culture banner scheme has been developed by based on experience from abroad and an agreement entered into between Harboe Skilte A/S, an affiliated company of, and the City of Copenhagen.’s concept aims to:

1. Enter into an agreement between the City (the local authority) and

to put up and operate x number of systems

2. Hire out, install and maintain without cost to the City (the local authority) a patented banner system "BannerSaver”. This system has a unique way of safeguarding banners and lamp posts in such a way that the banners always hang neatly and attractively. During periods when the banners have not been installed, this system is practically invisible since the support stays are taken down.

3. Without cost to the City (local authority), have the mountings and banners put up and taken down by local authority employees responsible for servicing lamp posts.

4. Permit advertising only for cultural events open to the public, for charitable activities and to distribute local authority information. This means that ’commercialisation’ of public space does not come into the equation. City logo (local authority logo) may be displayed on the top of each banner as a standard. The bottom of each banner may be used for the discreet display of sponsor logo.

The agreement includes clear guidelines with regard to presentation of graphics and advertisement of cultural activities.

This concept is without cost to the local authority and is a win-win situation for people who arrange cultural events, citizens and companies based in the city.

Clik here and find out why Klaus Bondam, the Mayor of the Technology and Environment Administration, is so very much in favour of the idea of Copenhagen entering into a firm agreement on culture banners. ApS

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View examples of Culturebanner here

"Culture banners are an effective way of promoting visibility and

drawing attention to special activities in the city.

They are an effective, innovative and exciting media

which I have used several times with great satisfaction"

Thomas Meier Lorenzen

Senior Project manager

Wonderful Copenhagen